As of January 1, 2017, phase one of the multi-phase Burlington Depot revitalization is nearing completion.

The first step of providing flood control, which began nearly four years ago, was answered by the approval of the City’s $26 million flood mitigation application which includes the depot.

The flood mitigation opened the door for a “Friends” funded Department of Transportation grant application. The approval of the grant allowed the city to leverage $120,000.00 allotted for roof repairs into an additional $480,000.00 “Friends” sponsored a community fund raising committee, raising an additional $150,000.00 for a total $750,000.00 renovation project.

Project includes:
● New roof covering for entire building
● Thermopane windows for the Great Room
● Electrical system
● Heating and air conditioning
● Sprinkler system
● Lighting
● Ceilings in great room and ticket areas
● WiFi and security system
● Cleaning and refurbishing walls and floors
● Repairing pillars and painting

Clock repair and phone booth restoration have been funded with private specific donations.

Two original chairs were located and restored for display. Benches have been reworked and have new finish. We have period chairs and end tables for public use.

Certain items are not covered by the transportation grant. We still need funds for draperies and historical display. We are short $10,000.00 for the drapes, which will be the crowning feature in the great room.

Discussion is ongoing with the city regarding the opening of Grier’s restaurant. Friends will continue to advocate for further development of the depot.

Pledges or gifts may be directed to: Burlington Iowa Friends of the Depot at Box 26, Burlington, Iowa  52601 or use our convenient Paypal option at the bottom of this page or in the right sidebar.

For additional information contact Don Traman at 753-1096 or

Thank you for your consideration.

Don Traman,  President – Burlington Iowa Friends of the Depot.