Depot News

Burlington Iowa Friends of the Depot representatives received thanks and support
yesterday from the City Council for our promotion of Depot revitalization.

We were encouraged to move forward with the Flood Control project. This project,
composed of earthen berms, concrete walls, Hesco barriers, and other methods, is
estimated to cost less than $75,000.
The preliminary plans are now being updated to working drawings which will be City
approved and bid ready.

Burlington Iowa Friends of the Depot is to serve as a conduit for fund raising. We now
have our 501c3 nonprofit status in place and are ready to accept pledges and
donations written to Burlington Iowa Friends of the Depot at Box 26, Burlington, Iowa
52601 or now use PayPal to make donations

Please encourage anyone you know to help us with this project. It must be assured of
completion before serious consideration will be given to completing Depot planning and

Looking back on 2013:
• Cleaned and updated display area
• Digital picture frame showing history of depot
• Two benches painted-Burlington and Amtrak
• Started greeter program–greeting 1,442
• Exhibit train weekend-greeting over 2,700
• Lighting of the locomotive
• City passed Historical Preservation Zone Ordinance
• Photo Collection of progress
• Web site
• Received our 501c3

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